Experience the river taxis transporting people back and forth from Moosonee to Moose Factory all day long and watch the campers campfires on Charles Island during the night at the provincial park called Tidewater Park and if your staying at the Suite Riverview, enjoy a BBQ from your deck!

Ask us about or excursions to James Bay to experience the open waters of Northern Ontario and maybe catch a glimpse of a Beluga Whale or the seals the frequent the area or paddle across to the sandbar in our Kayak.

Enjoy the migrating birds as they follow the Moose River to their winter homes.  Fall is start of the season for Northern Lights and with the few city lights to disturb the view, Moosonee is the perfect place to watch the dancing light show or just view the stars.

Ask us about our fall night tour away from the city and down the Quarry Road where there are no city lights and the view is unlike any other!

As like the Summer the river will become a way of travel for the locals as the will test the ice with Snowmobiles at first and than once thick enough the Vehicles will venture on to the ice road that connects the communities together

During the winter months the river will become the ice bridge between Moosonee and Moose Factory.  If your here during freeze up, transportation is by a helicopter and as soon as the ice is safe for snowmobiles, a snowmobile taxi. 

Soon as the ice is a safe thickness, light weight vehicles begin to cross and shortly thereafter our own version of "Ice Road Truckers" as transport trucks, fuel trucks begin the haul to Moose Factory and the coastal communities of Fort Albany, Kashechewan and Attawapiskat.

There are also many opportunities to snowmobile locally or a guided tour from Cochrane, Ontario.  Ask us about our snowmobile rentals that will take you on the river or on one of the many local trails.

The Spring Break up is one of the most powerful water action you can experience as the Mighty Moose River has no patience to let the ice melt but will instead push its way up threw the ice breaking it apart and taking the icebergs out to the James Bay just 8 miles North.

All Seasons

Looking for an in depth and historic tour of Moosonee of Moose Factory, you can experience it with a private tour in a 9 passenger SUV.  If you book far enough in advance, we can take the barge over to Moose Factory for an experience you will never forget.

Ask us about your personalize tour during your stay!

Not just a place to visit, but a place to explore!

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